Attention 5th & 6th Grade Sports

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5th & 6th Graders playing Basketball or Cheering

must have a sports physical before the 1st game on January 23rd and Sports fee paid to participate.

They will not be allowed to play until they have one.

5th & 6th Grade Basketball**UPDATED

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5th & 6th Grade Basketball



Day            Date:           Opponent                                   H/A             Time                    Bus  


Tuesday      1/23/18       6th Grade Jamb                             Away                    TBA                  TBA

Friday         1/26/18       @MES                                             Away                    5:00                 4:00

Monday      1/29/18     @Vienna                                           Away                    5:00                 3:45

Tuesday      1/30/18       @ Franklin                                     Away                   5:00                 4:00

Thursday    2/1/18          Brookport-No Girls                   Home                    5:00              Home

Monday      2/5/18          @Unity                                           Away                    5:00               3:45

Tuesday      2/6/17         Jefferson                                         Home                    5:00             Home

Thursday    2/8/17         Dongola-5th only                       Home                    5:00              Home

Monday      2/12/17       Century                                           Home                    5:00             Home

Week of 2/26/17-3/3/2017 Conference Tourney   TBA

5th/6th Grade Basketball Schedule

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Day            Date:           Opponent                                   H/A             Time                    Bus  


Tuesday      1/23/17       6th Grade Jamb                             Away                    TBA           TBA

Friday         1/26/17       @MES                                             Away                    5:00            4:00

Monday      1/29/17       @Vienna                                        Away                    5:00            3:45

Tuesday      1/30/17       @ Franklin                                     Away                   5:00            4:00

Thursday    2/1/17           Brookport  No Girls                   Home                    5:00            Home

Monday      2/5/17          @Unity                                         Away                    5:00             3:45

Tuesday      2/6/17         Jefferson                                     Home                    5:00            Home

Thursday    2/8/17         Dongola 5th only                       Home                    5:00            Home

Monday      2/12/17       Century                                         Home                    5:00             Home

Week of 2/26/17-3/3/2017 Conference Tourney   TBA


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There is now a video added to made by the IHSA video on CPR and AED’s.  Go to the website and it is posted under the sports section of the site. It could have valuable lifesaving information to help in the case of an emergency.