Menu Oct. 20-24

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MONDAY, Oct. 20


Power Bar




Corn Dog





TUESDAY, Oct. 21


Pancake Sausage Wrap





Cheese & Crackers

Broccoli & Ranch

Jello & Mixed Fruit





Cream Cheese




Hamburger on Bun

French Fries

Pork & Beans

Orange Wedges

Pickles, Mustard & Ketchup





Graham Crackers



Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Texas Toast

Green Beans

Apple Sauce


FRIDAY, Oct. 24


Biscuit & Gravy/Jelly



Chicken Nuggets

Mashed Potatoes



BBQ Sauce




Life Touch School Portraits

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Maple Grove Elementary School
Picture Day: Wednesday, October 22
Picture Day ID: JP214867Y0
Important Picture Day Information

Order with your Picture Day flyer

Picture Day flyers will be distributed by your school on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2014 . If you don’t get one, check with your school office.

1. Fill out your Picture Day flyer.
2. Go to
3. Pay online.

Scholastic Book Fair Schedule

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Scholastic Book Fair Schedule

Oct 23-25 & Oct 27-29


Thursday, Oct. 23                                                      Friday, Oct.  24

1:00-1:30                    1st  Grade                                    1:00-1:30                               2nd Grade

1:30-2:00                   5th Grade                                     1:30-2:00                               3rd Grade

2:00-2:30                   4th Grade                                     2:00-2:30                               6th Grade

2:30-2:50                   Pre-K& K


Monday, Oct. 27                                                       Tuesday, Oct. 28

1:10-1:40                    4th Grade                                    1:00-1:30                               5th Grade

1:30-2:00                   1st  Grade

2:00-2:30                   Pre K & K


Wednesday, Oct. 29                       

1:00-1:30                    6th Grade

1:30-2:00                   3rd Grade

2:00-2:30                   2nd Grade


Remember sales tax of 6.25% will be added to all items purchased at the book fair. 


Students are encouraged to shop during the times listed above with their class.  Parents may come during the designated times for their students.  The book fair will also be open 5:00 to 6:30 on Tuesday, Oct. 28, during Reading Night.


Volunteers are needed to help.  Please contact Mrs. Reichert at or call the school to be added to the list today.


Parents may also purchase books online by going to October 17 through November 6, 2014.



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October 24, 2014 is the correct date for the Principal’s Pals and Honor Roll Awards.  I had it posted for October 17, 2014 in the newsletter for several weeks.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

PTO Minutes for Meeting on October 7, 2014

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PTO Minutes for Meeting on October 7, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Treasurer Report:

General Fund $1927.27, Playground Fund approximately $450.00, Spring Fling $500.00, Box Tops $3026.57

Box Tops Report: Contest will be soon!

Old Business:

Playground Equipment

Playground equipment was installed and looks great. Students are enjoying it. Basketball posts were ordered.

New Business:

Book Fair

The book fair will be October 22-31. We will have a chili supper/fall festival/raffle/book fair night on Tuesday, October 28 from 5-7 p.m. The book fair will be open from 5-6:30 p.m. There will a haunted house, a FFA petting zoo, face painting, and painting pumpkins.  The chili supper will be from 5-7. Classes will begin collecting items to make a basket to be raffled off at the Chili Super. The following items are asked from each class: Pre-K and Kindergarten: books/puzzles/family games, 1st grade: kitchen and baking items, 2nd grade: movie/popcorn/candy, 3rd grade: automotive, 4th grade: bath and beauty items, 5th grade: camping/hunting/camo items, 6th grade: Christmas items and ornaments. Donations for gift baskets can be brought to school between October 14 – October 24.

We will need volunteers to help create the baskets after school on October 24.

We will also have other baskets of items donated by local businesses.

We will also have a 2 Liter Soda War between the classes at Maple Grove. The class with the most soda brought in will get a party. Soda War will be between Oct. 20-24.

A motion was made by Karen Smith to spend up to $200.00 on Chili Supper supplies and food, seconded by Tami Peck, all said yes.


Anything Else

Spring Fling will be on Friday, March 27, 2015. A D.J. has been reserved for this night.

A motion was made by Heather Ater to let Tami Peck spend up to $50.00 to purchase supplies and materials for Red Ribbon week, seconded by Kelly Johnson, all said yes.

Julie Blanchard asked if we will ever bring back some sort of music program for our students including music instruments. Mr. Sommer said it is something that can be looked into. Julie Blanchard also stated that she could volunteer to help expose our students to music.

Kelly Johnson is still working on getting a Facebook page for our PTO set up.

Meeting adjourned at 7:03p.m.

The next PTO Meeting will be on Monday, November 3rd at 6:00 p.m.

Those in attendance were: Johnnie Owens, Tami Peck, Gail Stubblefield, Carol Warfield, Kelly Johnson, Heather Ater, Joy Copeland, Landon Sommer, Julie Blanchard, and Karen Cox.


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October 14-24

Any class collecting 350 Box Tops will receive a party!


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Pre-K, K, 6th and all new students are required to have a physical and updated immunization record on file by

Oct 15, 2014 to prevent being excluded from school.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Cricket at Ext: 1205.

Two Liter War

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Two Liter War

PTO will also be having a 2 Liter Soda War. The classroom with the most 2 Liter bottles of Soda will get a special party. The Soda War will be from October 20-24.


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This Week:

October 13: Columbus Day-No School

October 17: Report Cards go home

Upcoming Dates:

October 22:   Life Touch Fall Portraits taken

October 20-24:  Classroom 2 liter war

October 23-29:   Scholastic Book Fair (Volunteers Needed)

October 24:  Principal’s Pals

1st-3rd                                 1:30

4th-6th                               2:00

Principal’s Pals                2:30

October 28:   PTO Chili Supper & Fall Festival (Volunteers Needed)

October 31:   Halloween Parade (2:00) & Parties (2:30)

November 7:   School Improvement Day (noon dismissal)

November 11:   Veteran’s Day-No School

November 26-28:   Thanksgiving Break-No School

December 4: Lifetouch School Portraits Retake

December 5: School Improvement Day (noon dismissal)

December 18: 2:26 Dismissal

December 19: 2:26 Dismissal

December 19:  Christmas Parties (2:00)

December 22-January 2: Christmas Break

Raffle Baskets for Fall Festival

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Raffle Baskets


The classes will be collecting items to make items for baskets that we will have for sell at the Chili Supper/Book Fair/Fall Festival Night. This money will help PTO be able to have activities for your child this year. Please consider bringing one or two items for the basket theme for your child’s grade level.

Basket items may be brought in October 14-24.


Pre-K and Kindergarten: Books/Puzzles/Family Games 1st Grade: Kitchen and Baking Items

2nd Grade: Movie/Popcorn/Candy                                     3rd Grade: Automotive

4th Grade: Bath and Beauty Items                                       5th Grade: Camping/Hunting/Camo Items

6th Grade: Christmas Items/Ornaments